Things to consider when photographing a t-shirt

It looks so easy, taking a picture of a custom hoodies and posting it online for sale. However, you need to pay attention to some simple things such as camera settings, the posture of the item, and the presentation. Note that a photo plays a significant role in attracting customers.

Thus, this piece provides you with five things to consider when taking pictures of your Custom T-shirts.

You need to have a hanger, model, or mannequin

Apart from thinking about how to photograph your Custom T-shirt, you also need to have a rough idea of how you want to present it. Thus, when taking a picture of it, you need to take note of the following important points

Using a model- A model gives your custom T-shirt the most natural and organic look. Customers can easily decide whether it is what they really want or not.

A mannequin- when using a mannequin, your pictures will always be consistent because the measurements will never change. However, a mannequin is not realistic and not an exact representation of real life.

A hanger: using a hanger is the cheapest method of presenting an item; however, it is not the best since it does not show a real picture of an item when it is worn.

Iron or steam the T-shirts

The second important and mostly forgotten step is steaming or ironing the T-shirt. This gives the photos a clean and professional look. Most parts of the T-shirts that require ironing include front to back, sleeves, tag, and neckline. Therefore, ensure you prepare your T-shirt well before taking a picture of it.

Achieving the perfect lighting

When taking a photo of your T-shirt, you need to ensure that you have good lighting in your DIY studio by ensuring that you have natural light from the window or proper lighting equipment. Moreover, to ensure that all your product photos are taken with enough light, buy professional studio lights. To use the studio lighting gadget, you will require two flashlights and a transmitter, which will turn the lights off after shooting. Two umbrellas are also essential to bounce the light back. If this is done perfectly, there will be no shadows in your photos, and the natural colors of your custom T-shirts will be visible.

Your camera settings should be right

Ensure that when you shoot, you are in the manual mode. This gives you control of every factor of your camera settings. Also, ensure you shoot at high f/stop and in raw file format because it quickly helps you to reduce shadows and brings back highlights.

Close -up details of the t-shirt

Once the camera is ready, and you have also prepared the T-shirt, you need to consider the picture itself. However, you should include the details of the T-shirt, such as the stitching, fabric, design, and washing labels, so customers will know what they are buying and whether its fit for them. Kindly ensure that you are honest as possible, and you include all the necessary information.


These are the five things you must consider when taking a snap of your custom T-shirts. Remember, snapping high-quality photos with these 5 things in mind could give you the big break into the business world.

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