A Guide to Photographing Cannabis

With cannabis legalized in some areas of the world, the photographer aims to inform people that CBD is slowly changing public perception visually. Consumers who buy delta 8 thc gummies have experienced first-hand what it’s like to use it, and it’s up to the photographer to create content that’ll portray that.

Here are 6 tips for capturing good-quality cannabis photographs whether you’re a hobbyist or a professional:

1. Find Models Who Have Cannabis Lifestyles

Cannabis users can become models in your photographs regardless of age, race, and personal style. Allowing them to use cannabis during photo shoots can portray how the drug can be used and why it’s beneficial for recreational or health purposes. Your models should also permit you to photograph their faces.

2. Look for People Who Work in the Cannabis Industry

The industry growers cultivate their cannabis indoors or outdoors, so they usually know which types are of good quality for your photographs.

They’re also a good source for getting cannabis samples so that you can select which ones will give you good results. Suppose your cannabis samples come from a pharmacy instead of a grower. In that case, they’ve likely been squished in a bag, and it may be difficult to take a photograph.

3. Be Up-To-Date with Industry Trends

The beauty and pharmaceutical industries have already published CBD photos. By looking at those photographs, you’ll have an idea of how you can get the attention of your target audience.

If you want to target users of medicinal cannabis, you’ll have to take photographs of cannabis in a clean, white setting such as a pharmacy. If you want to target users of beauty cannabis, you’ll have to take photos of cannabis that’s in the same scene as the beauty products.

4. Choose What Type of Cannabis You Want to Photograph

Cannabis grown outdoors has a darker colour and has loosely-packed flower buds. Its weathered look is caused by natural elements like rain, pests, sunlight, temperature changes, and wind.

Cannabis grown indoors has a brighter colour and flowers that are tightly packed. It usually can last longer than its outdoor counterpart because it isn’t exposed to weather conditions. So if it’ll take you a long time to take a shot, it’ll be helpful to go for this type of cannabis.

5. Handle Cannabis with Care

If you plan to take a close-up shot of the trichomes, gently hold onto the cannabis by using a clipper. Trichomes are white hair-like strands that can easily burst if they come into contact with your fingers, so it’s important to use a clipper in this case.

6. Experiment with Different Angle Shots

Angle shots are positions from which your camera sees the cannabis. Shooting from below can make the cannabis look bigger than the camera, whereas shooting from above can make the cannabis look smaller than the camera.

Final Words

CBD photos can help you connect the cannabis community to people who don’t have direct information about the product. Remember always to be creative and have fun doing photography.

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