Effortless Editing with Lightroom (250)

About the Course:

One of the most ingenious photography in the software market is Adobe Lightroom. This photo enhancing and editing software has saved so many photographers and has made more photos sold in the market than it has a decade before. So, why choose Adobe Lightroom to enhance your photos? Is it easy to manage or, at least, navigate?

The hardest challenge any photographer had experienced is processing their photos. While you have captured the most stunning photos, you would not want parts of it still less exposed, has darker sides, or the lighting is not as ambient as it should be. This is where photo enhancing software comes in.

Adobe Lightroom is one of the many photo-enhancing software available in the market today. This is also the most sought-after software that can instantly transform your photos into stunning images. Complicated UI? Nah, Lightroom is as easy as 1-2-3.

So why do I need to take this course? “Effortless Editing with Adobe Lightroom” is not just all about instantly transforming your photos in Lightroom. It is also a great start-up for beginners as well as a review of the techniques already done by an amateur and professional photographers.

This course will give you a brief introduction to Adobe Lightroom’s UI, how to start editing photos and enhancing them, and the correct use of presets to make a better, more stunning photos, whether you are using RAW or PNG photos.

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