Photographers See Opportunities in the Cannabis Market

With the legalization of cannabis products serving as a green light for businesses in several Western countries, CBD oil in Canada is discovering new opportunities in the rapidly growing market.

After all, entrepreneurial activities need promotional material and informative methods as well. Photographers have numerous potential subjects, from CBD oil to other cannabis-related products, and their work can break the stigma surrounding cannabis products.

Creative Perspective And Product Promotion


As cannabis products become more popular in Canada, the USA, and other European countries, the demand for promotional materials and advertising ideas has skyrocketed.

After all, brands need to boost their sales, but they also bear the responsibility to educate the masses about the positive aspects of cannabis. The better way to do this is by being more creative; photographers are being recruited here and there.

For photographers, their job entails more than bringing the brand to the people; they can also be recruited to demonstrate the brighter side of cannabis and help people detach it from the stigma of being in the same category as cocaine and meth.

Daniel Berman, a photographer based in Seattle and the creative director of Leaf Nation, utilizes his skills to boost up their cannabis-focused magazines.

Not only limited to his company, but Berman also works as a freelance editor for several commercial clients. So, with many opportunities opening up for photographers, revenue is the only thing to worry about.

Financial Compensation

For Daniel Berman, since he has ties in creating cannabis magazines and freelance work, he can have various sources of income. However, financial compensation is in its infancy for other dedicated photographers looking to capitalize on the demand for materials in the cannabis industry.

After all, many companies are still reluctant to pay the same rate as commercial photography. This is primarily due to the cannabis industry being new and only recently legalized. Therefore, the market is still limited to progressive countries and open-minded citizens.

Jess Columbo, the showrunner of Tiller’s marketing agency, states that the smaller brands will need great product and lifestyle photography under shoestring budgets. In comparison, the more prominent brands must be imaginative enough to invoke their core values and missions.

Nevertheless, both have massive room for growth, and the compensation for photography jobs will eventually become fulfilling.

Future Of Cannabis-Focused Photography

One of the biggest platforms for marketing nowadays is social media. Many photographers find satisfaction as their works are utilized by such a vast and diverse audience. However, that doesn’t mean that the field is a walk in the park.

After all, aside from building a portfolio, any aspiring photographer must also be aligned with the client’s views to arrive at the same page.

So, being a newly legalized industry, there are thinner boundaries between radical ideas and truthful claims, and this is where creative perspectives can be of great help.

Although the opportunities for photography jobs in the cannabis market are getting more abundant, this career move remains a gamble.

After all, the financial capability of cannabis businesses is not yet on a standard level, and so many minds are convinced of their products’ benefits. However, the future is bright, and someday, investing in this field of photography might pay off.

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