Five Techniques to Produce High Quality Photos

Photography is art and science in one field of knowledge. While it ventures into lines, colors, shapes, and forms, it also deals with distance, numerical values in light, shades, and even the progression of exposure and apertures. When photographing homes or gardens the same rules apply. These techniques are also used by many sports reports who cover major golf tournaments. It is simply creative and aesthetic in every form.

RAW is the way to high-quality photos

While JPEG and PNG are standards in photography, RAW is so much more – more pixels, more resolutions. The only catch is storage but you can prepare an extra-large storage system handy to store all these photos. You can control more of your image in RAW format when editing and post-processing them on your photo-enhancing software.

Know your light

Understanding light sources, the amount of light absorbed in your camera sensor, and even playing with it can add a touch of beauty in your photos. Simply, light is important in photography as it won’t exist without it.

Know the Exposure Triangle

Aperture, ISO, and shutter speed are your guide to better pictures. Being able to control those to your advantage will result in a strikingly beautiful landscape or portrait photo.

Use the Rule of Thirds

If you are new to photography, better use the grid lines and other guidelines. You can plan your scene by using these line guides to create balanced, well-spaced images.

Control your Colours, Histogram, and ISO range

This is best when you have taken a course in photography. These are more complex details but knowing them will help you set the tones, exposures, and even the balance of contrasts and brightness in every photo.

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